The ESAI Difference

A Unique Approach

Information abounds in the digital world, but obtaining it only secures a fraction of its value. ESAI Energy mines existing data, scouts out emerging data, and develops new data to shine a light on the dark corners of the market. Our integrated approach to analysis combines volume with policy and regulation to show how the markets will unfold. Our work is organized to meet your needs and your schedule.

Since 1985, we have been helping industry leaders and governments navigate critical transitions in the energy markets with teams highly trained in quantitative analysis, economics, political science, finance, and industrial policy. We constantly monitor changes in supply, demand, price, regulation, and policy and provide timely insight on the pace, scalability, and impact on legacy and emerging markets.

Team rowing together

As an independent, privately-held company, our goal is to bring you a comprehensive and objective perspective on global, regional, and national energy markets by leveraging our three greatest strengths:

Curated Data

Our analysts identify critical gaps in available data and work to add valuable dimension to forecasts.
  • ESAI Energy collects all kinds of formal data for our proprietary database that dates from 1978
  • Our database is global and built from the bottom up with individual country, provincial, or state data
  • Our analysts identify the gaps in available data and do the legwork to find or develop that data and bring it to you

Holistic Approach

We have a cross-functional and cross-regional organization that facilitates nimble, cost-effective support that generates integrated insights.
  • At ESAI Energy, there are no analytical silos. Our analysts work as an integrated team to answer questions and project outcomes.
  • Our analysts have specific regional and linguistic experience that allows each to have a deep understanding of socio-economic, political, and military factors that influence markets in each region
  • All of our work reflects the integration of regulatory and policy developments with supply, demand, and price


Tap into our Analyst On Demand program to receive the support you want based on your needs and timeline, not ours. One phone call puts you in direct contact with the right person. No gatekeepers. No run around.
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Conference calls
  • Memos and presentations
  • Customized data sets refreshed monthly
  • Issue-specific Executive or Board presentations
Distinguished History

ESAI Energy is an energy research and forecasting firm that has provided a wide range of services to energy related companies all over the world since 1984.

We got our start by building a database of commercial and government-held oil inventories. This led to the launch of Stockwatch in 1984. Since then, ESAI has collected data on all manner of supply and demand at the national, provincial, and sectoral level. This 35-year effort to obtain, clean, and organize data has given us an industry standard resource to explain and forecast the oil markets for more than three decades. Our clients have included just about any IOC, NOC, and refiner you can name.

From the beginning, we recognized that oil markets are inherently political. As a result, our work has always integrated volumetric data with regulation and policy-making and of course geopolitics. In sum, our approach rests on a foundation of data and the integration of numbers with regulation and policy decisions that has made us nimble at recognizing fundamental market change and adroit at interpreting it’s potential implications before others in our business do.

ESAI Energy Firsts:

  • When OPEC abandoned fixed pricing and financial institutions and speculative investors began shaping the price of oil, we responded with the first published integration of physical and paper market analysis, leading to the market’s intense interest in the US CFTC COT reports.
  • We began collecting data from Chinese sources in 1988. We have published data-dependent China market analysis ever since.
  • When the Soviet Union was crumbling, we went to Russia and were the first company to ever publish data on FSU refining in the West in 1991. We have published data-dependent FSU market analysis ever since.
  • In the mid-1990s when the industry was focused on resource scarcity, we repeatedly cautioned that resource plenty was a better paradigm.
  • In the early 2000s, we turned our supply-demand focus to alternative fuels and vehicle technologies in order to understand the evolution of transport demand in light of climate policies.
  • As it became clear that oil demand was increasingly being met with fuels made from natural gas, we integrated Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) into our petroleum market analysis. Today, we focus not only on the integration of refining with petrochemical production, but also the consumption trends in olefins and aromatics.
  • In 2009, we spun off our power analysis work into a separate company called ESAI Power.
  • In 2016, we started thinking more holistically about the role of LNG in liquid energy markets, and now track LNG globally.
  • 2019, we launched Global Green Energy Trends to help our clients understand the impact of policies and regulations related to the energy transition and their impact on legacy markets.
Experts Across the Globe


ESAI Energy principals and associates are trained in market analysis, economics, political science, finance and industrial policy. With this wide ranging expertise, ESAI Energy's analysts integrate quantitative analysis of proprietary and public source data with trends in policy and regulation to develop a thoughtful projection of petroleum and alternative fuels markets in every country and region.


Your Future in Energy


ESAI Energy is a medium-sized energy research and forecasting firm headquartered approximately 10 miles outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Our global client list includes key players in the liquid energy (crude oil, petroleum products, alternative fuels, NGLs, and LNG) markets as well as energy consumers and national governments. ESAI offers a casual, but challenging, and intellectual work environment. Our analysts conduct cutting-edge research and assist companies in navigating both mature and emerging energy markets. ESAI Energy offers a competitive benefits package, including medical and dental insurance, paid vacation and holidays, and a 401K plan.

We are always looking for thoughtful, engaging professionals who want to further their energy career. Please send you resume and a cover letter to esaienergy@esai.com.

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“ESAI’s analysis team, and their own executive leadership, have always been a phone call or email away to help in a bind or to make sense of questionable developments in the market.”    
“The relationship is personal and the product suite such a great fit that you’d swear they were co-workers a few seats over.”
“We could not have kept up the quality and consistency of market analysis for our department head, our CEO, Board and Operations team without ESAI.”
“ESAI reports always have something interesting in them I didn’t know and haven’t seen elsewhere.”
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