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As experts in traditional and emerging energy markets, we help you navigate critical developments in supply, demand, price, and policy to get you the answers you need, when and how you need them. The end result? A more expansive outlook on the future and a leg up on your competition.

The ESAI Difference

Curated Data
ESAI Energy’s fundamentals database is global and built from the bottom up from country, provincial, or state data. Our analysts identify gaps in available data and do the legwork to develop that data and bring it to you.
Holistic Approach
At ESAI, analysts work as integrated teams to provide holistic project outcomes. Each has specific regional experience that gives them a deep understanding of socio-economic, political, and regulatory factors influencing markets in each region.
Our analysts work directly with clients; there are no gatekeepers. With our Analyst On Demand program, our team is just a phone call away to help with memos, support, or prepare presentations, and develop customized datasets.
The Numbers

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News + Views

“ESAI’s analysis team, and their own executive leadership, have always been a phone call or email away to help in a bind or to make sense of questionable developments in the market.”    
“The relationship is personal and the product suite such a great fit that you’d swear they were co-workers a few seats over.”
“We could not have kept up the quality and consistency of market analysis for our department head, our CEO, Board and Operations team without ESAI.”
“ESAI reports always have something interesting in them I didn’t know and haven’t seen elsewhere.”
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