Webinar | The Road Ahead for RFS: EPA Proposal to Bring Major Changes

The market for Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is one of the most volatile in the environmental credit and carbon markets but in all the energy commodity markets. The RFS legal structure, potential administrative reforms, and theoretical litigation challenges forecast RIN prices in ways never conducted previously. ESAI Energy and Pillsbury Law have partnered on RINsights, a product that combines legal and economic forecasting expertise.

Join experts – Chris Barber and David McCullough – for an interactive discussion about opportunities created by the latest RFS updates:

How the RFS structures and standards are changing beyond 2022
Winners and losers impacted by renewable fuel supply and demand
  • The impact of electric vehicles on RFS volumes and RIN balances
  • Help identify investment opportunities and potential markets
The effects RFS updates will have on the future of RIN prices
  • Critical for understanding investment incentives
  • Essential in understanding future RVOs for obligated parties


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