Large Hydrogen Projects Take Shape

Has the pipedream of large-scale hydrogen begun to look like more of a reality? Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power seems to think so. “20% of world energy will ultimately come from hydrogen.”

These projects have been a long time coming. The Hydrogen discussion has been debated for many years, often with differing views about the uncertain future of the fuel source. There doesn’t seem to be much middle-ground among experts.

Those confident have invested billions in projects and more are being produced. Worley, an engineering company headquartered in Australia, is currently implementing over 120 hydrogen projects worldwide, with a focus on low-carbon.

They envision “inexhaustible” supplies of “green hydrogen” through electrolysis utilizing solar and wind power. More large scale and scope projects are expected to pop up over the coming decades, investing billions to save trillions while reducing the environmental impact of our production and use of energy.

Regardless of the stance on large-scale production, time will surely tell the ultimate future of hydrogen power.

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