Global Reach

Scouting the Energy Transition

The Energy Transition refers to the process by which energy economies (local, national, global) are changing the production and consumption of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still delivering affordable energy to scale. Like other simple phrases evoking grand visions (sustainability, globalization), energy transition is hard to describe in a manner that represents the views of all stakeholders. With the same independence that characterizes all of our work, ESAI Energy is scouting the energy transition to provide insight on the pace, scalability, and impact on legacy markets. Our history of integrating regulatory change into our market forecasting gives us a natural platform to do this.

Global satellite picture of earth.

Regional, National, Local Insight

Countries all over the world are reforming their energy pricing to reduce or eliminate petroleum subsidies, tightening fuel economy, and mandating new fuels. More than 25 countries have carbon taxes and several countries or provinces have emissions trading schemes. ESAI follows and reports on all relevant developments.

North America
CAFE, RFS, LCFS, ZEV, Methane emissions
Latin America
Carbon border tax, diesel vehicle bans, renewable energy in transport targets, RED2, MED ECA
Middle East
CNG vehicles, fuel economy
Hybrid car + bus, truck incentives
Carbon taxes, clean cooking fuels, methane flaring
Methane flaring, gasification of vehicle
Seas and Oceans
Sulfur emissions, CO2 emissions, new bunker fuels

Global Analysis and Forecasting

  • Global Crude Oil Outlook
  • Global Refining Margins
  • Global Refining Capacity
  • Global Fuels Outlook
  • Global NGLs Outlook
  • Green Energy Trends

Regional Analysis and Forecasting

  • North America Watch
  • Latin America Watch Crude
  • Latin America Watch Refining/Products
  • Europe Watch Crude
  • Europe Watch Refining/Products
  • Middle East Watch Crude
  • Middle East Watch Refining/Products
  • Africa Watch
  • CIS Watch Crude
  • CIS Watch Refining/Products
  • China Watch
  • China Trade Watch
  • Asia Watch