Independent, Data-Driven Analysis

ESAI Energy conducts ad hoc, bespoke consulting projects for energy companies, energy consumers, and governments. These projects leverage ESAI Energy’s global database of supply, demand, price, and trade for every country, as well as its team of regional analysts. Topics range from asset valuations and market feasibility studies to reviews of regulation and the impact of emissions policies.
Whether your interest lies in petroleum, natural gas, or alternative fuels, ESAI Energy can address your questions anywhere in the world.

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Representative Bespoke Projects

Alternative Fuels

Analysis of Biodiesel Pricing in San Francisco

Conducted for a renewable diesel producer to determine the extent to which benchmark prices might be influenced by one supplier.

Assessment of Alternative Liquid Fuels for Use at a Major University

Conducted a study on the availability and pricing of liquid biofuels in the Northeastern United States for use as a heating fuel for a University campus.

Battery and Hydrogen Energy Storage Deployments in the U.S.

For a major automaker, conducted a review of battery storage in the U.S. and regulations encouraging battery storage development.

Renewable Natural Gas and RFS and LCFS

For an RNG producer, conducted a forecast of RNG consumption and how it would be impacted by regulations under RFS and LCFS.

Renewable Fuels, RIN Pricing, and LCFS Compliance

For a U.S. refiner, ESAI Energy conducted a study with long‐term price forecasts for U.S. alternative fuels and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) based on detailed analysis of alternative fuel fundamentals, expected shifts in federal policy, CA LCFS regulation, and conventional fuels markets.

Energy Mix for Electric Vehicle

For a major automaker, ESAI Energy conducted an analysis of the mix of U.S. energy inputs to power generation to determine the relative GHG emissions of electric vehicles sold across the country.


China Gasoline Blending to 2020 & LPG Impact

For a major oil company, ESAI Energy modeled and forecast Chinese gasoline production by quality and estimated changes in use of blending components in response to new fuel quality requirements; tracked and forecast production of alkylate, MTBE and isomerate; made conclusions about the impact of these changes on China’s sourcing of etherified butane for gasoline production and provided insight into the future consequences for China’s LPG production, demand and imports.

Petroleum Coke Analysis

For an aluminum smelter, ESAI Energy undertook an analysis of the impact of changing crude quality on the production of petroleum coke at North American refineries. ESAI Energy analyzed how expected changes in refinery crude slates would impact both the production and quality of the petroleum coke produced at individual refineries.

Latin America Gasoline Markets

For a U.S. refiner, ESAI Energy prepared a country‐by‐country evaluation of market opportunities for gasoline exports to Latin America. In addition to focusing on specific refinery upgrades in the region through 2020, the study covered issues of specification, biofuels blending, domestic production, demand, and retail market concentration.

Global Fuel Specifications

ESAI Energy provided analysis of the future of global and regional markets for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene for a large Asian refining company. The study combined analysis of fuel specifications around the world with the ability of refiners to produce the requisite volume and quality of the relevant fuels.

Transfer of Petroleum Fuels Pollution

ESAI conducted this study with the Energy and Industry Department of the World Bank. It provided a preliminary look at trade in petroleum products between the industrialized and developing countries, in an effort to determine if environmental regulations in industrialized countries are influencing that trade and resulting in the transfer of pollution from the industrialized to the developing countries.

Petrochemical Feedstock

Global Propane and Butane Outlook to 2030

For an international energy company, ESAI Energy provided propane and butane balances to 2030 to support long-term trading strategy; highlights included petchem demand, structural changes in overall demand, future price behavior, and trade.

Western Canada Ethane Supply and Pricing

For a petrochemical investor, ESAI provided 25-year forecast of Western Canada ethane availability, underlying natural gas fundamentals and pricing, and Alberta ethane-on-gas pricing.

Appalachia and U.S. Ethane Supply and Pricing

For petrochemical investor, ESAI Energy provided 25-year forecast of ethane availability, underlying assumptions about Appalachia and U.S. natural gas production and LNG exports, Mt. Belvieu ethane pricing, and mechanisms for Appalachia ethane pricing.


Evaluation of Oil Sands Project

As a contribution to the investor’s due diligence, ESAI Energy developed a 40-year forecast of production costs for 16 different types of crude oil around the world to determine the viability of an Oil Sands project.

Evaluation of New Offshore Crude Oil Field in South America

ESAI Energy analyzed the value, pricing and likely customers for a new crude oil stream and served as Independent Market Advisor for the field operator and its investors. ESAI Energy determined the value of the crude oil at representative regional refiners and in specific individual refineries for a period of 10 years after first oil.

The Global Market for Heavy Crude Oil

For a major oil producer, ESAI Energy analyzed the global market for heavy crude to determine the likely market share and pricing for the company's own crude oil. Using individual crude oil assays and representative regional refinery configurations, ESAI Energy calculated refinery output and a gross product worth for each of the heavy crude oils in the analysis and compared them with regional benchmark crude oils.

Canadian Diluent

For a number of customers, ESAI Energy prepared an analysis of the likelihood of U.S. field condensate being commingled with Canadian crude and then exported in violation of U.S. law.

Uses of U.S. Processed Condensate

For an American midstream company, ESAI Energy analyzed the foreign uses of processed condensate to support the company in its testimony before a U.S. government Agency.

Expert Testimony

ESAI Energy has testified before the U.S. Congress on oil market issues.

ESAI Energy Principals have provided expert witness testimony in litigation, mediation, and international arbitration.