Case Study

Built-In Integrated Perspective

Our unique cross-functional and cross-regional organizational structure allows us to provide coherent viewpoints on complex, multi-dimensional issues more quickly and economically than the large, decentralized and siloed consulting firms.

The Challenge

Our Middle Eastern and Asia-Pacific refining clients began asking if there was a way to accurately forecast supply and demand for different grades of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel up to ten years out given the impact of changing, local emissions policies on the mix of quality specifications of fuel. They needed this data for seven geographic regions, up to ten years out. Quite an ask.

The Solution

Each ESAI team member has a geographic responsibility with expertise in the policymaking and timing that would cause a city, province, or country to move to a tighter fuel specification. Each team member also has a global market responsibility. Together, global market and geographic experts worked to build a custom database incorporating the pace and geography of tightening fuel specifications—two factors not overlaid in existing public data with the volumetric projection of demand for each fuel.. Because our analysts do not operate in siloed cost centers, they were able to collaborate across regions and functional expertise and thus do this work quickly, comprehensively, and cost effectively.

The Outcome

The resulting overlay of fuel specifications on volume data informed our clients on how best to prepare for changes in their markets. This helped clients better understand the strategic decisions necessary for their operations to meet tightening fuel specification obligations. This gave them an edge in being able to deliver the right fuel to the right location, significantly improving profitability.

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